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5 hardstyle production tips

Here is a quick tutorial of tutorials for hardstyle music making. To put it simple: You need 5 things to begin.

Hardstyle music melodies

When it comes to melody, it comes to digits. It is not that hards. You have to learn two or three basic scales and you are ready to go. The easy way is to ask some music dictionary on the web.

The scale is nothing more than series of sounds one after another which are used in the song. The most simple one is C, D, E, F, G, A, H, C. If, for example, you exchange the A sound for b sound, you will get a different scale. And harmony is a way of building a malody that consists of some (or all) of these sounds. Harmony is a culture, it tells the song’s mood or energy.

Hardstyle music synth sounds

Synth sounds are, plainly spoken, these sounds you can not get an instrument to emit. You can produce synth sound by distorting and adding effects on actual sounds or generate your own using for example a MIDI controlles. It is always a good idea to work with existing material in the beginnign. Here you can find a decent selection of hardstyle samples:

Get some hardstyle samples now!

Hardstyle music mixdown

Basically the mixdown is a way of producing music. When you mix the tune, you try to get all the tracks of your song work together nice.

In most cases you start with adjusting the drum and bass lines. After that you set the volume of melodies and apply the effects on nearly everything. It is the most important part. Good mix can help a decent tune and bad mix can ruin even the greatest one.

Learn your plugins

Yes, this means you! How many times did you wander what does this do? Go ahead, try it and write down the effect. Make your own manual if you do not want to remember all the functions. This way you will work faster and more effectively.

Get the best hardstyle samples!

You should use provided samples. I have already told you where to get the best hardcore samples from. I work with this shop for a long time and my music gets better and better. Of course now I also use my own recorded sound, but I still remember buying my first package of Hardstyle Kicks!

And bonus, the last tip: be original. Try to think of your own style!

Free Sample Pack: 600MB of Fresh High Quality DJ Samples

Free Sample Packs: The Next Level

Hey, today we have an exceptional update cause we have a nice juicy free sample pack to give away without any payment and aditional royalities. So get ready and check out our new 600mb worth of dj samples given completely for free. We clearly know most of you guys are interested mainly in hardstyle genre but, we figured out that some of them libraries of yours need some update with completely fresh samples from many additional musical genres. So there you go do not wait and download!

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The Pack includes samples from our finest commercial production tools such as:
95 BPM Industrial Techno Pack (46)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 1 (34)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 2 (32)
Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1 (3)
Clublines vol.1 – Essential Party (14)
Clublines vol.2 – Time For Power (14)
Clublines vol.3 – Hypnotic Lines (19)
Complete Dubstep Vol. 1 (21)
Complete Trance Vol. 1 (45)
Complete Trance Vol. 3 (5)
Cut-Vocals Party (HQ Edition) (16)
Drumtronic (30)
Electric Guitar Ballads Vol. 1 (3)
Essential Clubkits Vol. 1 (8)
Funktronic Loops (16)
Hardcore Samples Invasion (19)
Hardcore Voices Invasion (10)
Hardstyle Fx (17)
Hardstyle Kicks (2)
Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition) (13)
Large FX Collection (31)
Minimal Heaven Vol. 1 (26)
Percussion XXL Pack (52)
Techno Elements (17)
Top Club Drums Vol.1 (52)
Ultra Kicks Vol. 2 (5)
Vinyl Cut Chords (12)

+ new sounds

guitar samples (6)
clubhouse kicks (16)
hard kicks (10)
noise kicks (5)
scratch fx (10)
trance arp (4)

Hardstyle Sample Pack: The Ultmate Free For All Pack

Hardstyle Sample Pack: The Start of The New Segment

Welcome, many of our entrusted listeners and readers have been curious of are we going to stretch our wings and place up a whole bunch of new sample packs on this blog. Well to tell you the truth there’s been some complicated stuff going up for some time and now we are completely ready to launch this segment. And we are going to post our best free samples bundles in nice genre friendly packs. We are going to make them available for everybody without any cost just simple plain download. The Links will contain music production tools, loops, samples, synths, FX and many many more. Everything filled up with hardstyle techno gabber hardcore theme sauce. Ok so for started as we call ourselves hardstyle maniacs, we are giving you the one and only Complete Harstyle Sample Pack.
Which is made from our finest manufactured commercial sample packs. Link Below.

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We know many of you we libaries filled with many different connected sample packs, but these babies are quite unique in sound I can guarantee you on that one.
Many varaties in these samples can be seen from filered high quality new school stuff to retro hard dancing blast face melting beats. Every producer will find what suits his taste.
We are hardstyle fans since the emergence of the genre so you have the insurance that samples are thoughtfully designed by people who know their teritorry.
The Pack includes:

– Cut Vocals Party (HQ Edition)
– Hardcore Voices Invasion
– Hardcore Samples Invasion
– Hardstyle Fx
– Hardstyle Kicks
– Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition)

in total: 77 hard sounds
If you have any question or you want to browse more of our finest hardstyle sample pack check up this Link!