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HeadHunterz on the top of DJ Mag’s TOP100!

Hardstyle legendz, Headhunterz, are the name to be remembered and respected. They possess not only experience but also this unnamed feature which helps to take over the dancefloor and take whole crowds with them.

They have just arrived on the 1st place of DJ Mag’s TOP100 DJ’s list. I personally agree with 100% with their rank. It was a great day for hardstyle music. They are high and they are hard. And certainly they take no prisoners. You can read more about Headhunterz here.

How to make hardstyle music?

If you ever wanted to try there is no such thing as “I’m too old” or something like that. Go on, grab a demo version of any DAW and start playing around.

Here is an article with nice overview of several DAW platforms. And here you can find some free hardstyle samples for your first project. Not everybody get famous after creating the first tune. Sometimes your first one will be great and the second one will remain unnoticed. But don’t worry, keep up with your hard work and eventually you will succeed. There are many seasoned artists out there who started as bedroom producers and now they travel and perform around the world!

5 hardstyle production tips

Here is a quick tutorial of tutorials for hardstyle music making. To put it simple: You need 5 things to begin.

Hardstyle music melodies

When it comes to melody, it comes to digits. It is not that hards. You have to learn two or three basic scales and you are ready to go. The easy way is to ask some music dictionary on the web.

The scale is nothing more than series of sounds one after another which are used in the song. The most simple one is C, D, E, F, G, A, H, C. If, for example, you exchange the A sound for b sound, you will get a different scale. And harmony is a way of building a malody that consists of some (or all) of these sounds. Harmony is a culture, it tells the song’s mood or energy.

Hardstyle music synth sounds

Synth sounds are, plainly spoken, these sounds you can not get an instrument to emit. You can produce synth sound by distorting and adding effects on actual sounds or generate your own using for example a MIDI controlles. It is always a good idea to work with existing material in the beginnign. Here you can find a decent selection of hardstyle samples:

Get some hardstyle samples now!

Hardstyle music mixdown

Basically the mixdown is a way of producing music. When you mix the tune, you try to get all the tracks of your song work together nice.

In most cases you start with adjusting the drum and bass lines. After that you set the volume of melodies and apply the effects on nearly everything. It is the most important part. Good mix can help a decent tune and bad mix can ruin even the greatest one.

Learn your plugins

Yes, this means you! How many times did you wander what does this do? Go ahead, try it and write down the effect. Make your own manual if you do not want to remember all the functions. This way you will work faster and more effectively.

Get the best hardstyle samples!

You should use provided samples. I have already told you where to get the best hardcore samples from. I work with this shop for a long time and my music gets better and better. Of course now I also use my own recorded sound, but I still remember buying my first package of Hardstyle Kicks!

And bonus, the last tip: be original. Try to think of your own style!

Hardstyle History

hardstyle history

Hardstyle History

In 1998, one of the most respected music producers gabber, performing under the moniker The Prophet began to experiment with their music, adding to it elements of hard trance, house and hardcore. After slowing down music took on a new character beginning the hardstyle history. In the meantime, the Prophet joined forces with Dan van Dreven, which soon began performing as we know the Lady Dana. The new solution’s described as “hardstyle” and the artists themselves hailed as forerunners of the genre. Turn to the new trend set about: DJ Scot Project, Luna, Pavo, Isaac, Pila. First major event, which played songs of this new genre of electronic dance music, was Qlimax. At that time, the new duets DJ States, such as: Alpha Twins, Showtek, Deepack. Deepack It was created in 2003 anthem Qlimax’u Fri “The Prophecy”. It was not only a breakthrough for the same DJs, but also an important moment in the development of the species and all the fans hardbass.

Came from hard trance, gabber with influences from United kingdom difficult residence and jumpstyle. The spot of beginning is believed to become the Netherlands, the place the first hardstyle occasions started out near the end of 1999 plus the starting of 2000. Individuals approved within the growth with the type is Dov J. Elkabas aka The Prophet, Raoul Van Grinsven aka Dj Zany, Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen aka Showtek and Dana van Dreven aka Lady Dana.

Hardstyle history, later period.

In 2007 the fashion began turning into common in numerous countries inside the world, which include: Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Australia, South Africa and Uk.

The English sound was really preferred during the Netherlands for any quick time, nevertheless it soon appeared that the Dutch public preferred a more difficult bassline. Performers like Dana, and Pavo & The Prophet combined the English sound with new productions. The following sound also gained some popularity in Germany, the place it was grabbed by the German label Tracid Traxxx (who defined their own sound as a blend of trance and acid), and later also by Blutonium Records and Resident E Recordings.

Soon after, hardstyle productions briefly grew to become well-known in Italy, and later in Germany. This resulted in the emergenece of new hardstyle which eventually attained and became well-known inside the Netherlands. Q-Dance organised a monthly event from the (recognized today as the North Sea Venue) as Qlubtempo, an occasion which may be known as the melting pot of the Hardstyle history. Presently hardstyle occasions are quite common in Dutch clubs. Performers who had never accomplished inside the Netherlands prior to were flown over to provide there the new sound. Musicians such as Technoboy, Super Marco May, and Gary D received a substantial popularity within the Netherlands this way.

Hardstyle is often concidered a growing star the same manner house music was, with events like Qlimax, Hardbass, Defcon.1 and many others the hardstyle sound collects hundreds and hundreds of fans from throughout the entire world.

Hardstyle Genre

hardstyle genre

Introduction to hardstyle genre.

Hardstyle is a form of electronic dance music that relies upon different other related styles for their inspiration, and it is characterized by a rapid pace and distinct forms of instrumental sounds. Other genres which have been similar to hardstyle contain difficult techno or challenging home music, also as rather esoteric musical genres like a rave/house fashion identified as gabber. All of these have numerous aspects in widespread, such as a fast dance beat as well as a variety of synthesized sounds implemented into hardstyle genre.

Hardstyle genre characteristics.

Considered one of the qualities of hardstyle music is its pace. Experts observe that because the time of its foundation, the typical tempo for this type of music hasten from about 140 bpm to all around 150 beats per minute. A variety of staccato or well-defined drum sounds are often part of this beat in order to create the frenetic percussion sound a lot more intense; several industry experts also refer to a rhythm identified as tuplet, the place shifting sounds are combined into complicated groups for a layered and often crazy result.

As a precise type of dance or rave music, hardstyle genre music is additionally characterized from the utilization of distorted sounds. A few of these sounds incorporate a sort of falling intonation, or untuned falling tone, that give a number of this music its individual impact. Many of these kinds of musical arrangements also characteristic screaming voices.


Numerous types of music related to hardstyle have been initially made in Europe, especially while in the Netherlands. In numerous Western European nations, these sorts of music possess a broad audience. The music is additionally reportedly well known in regions of South America and Africa, likewise as in another nations throughout the planet. There exists debate above the relative reputation of hardstyle and comparable types of music during the Netherlands, England, and Germany, wherever music fans have analyzed trends in the adoption of these forms of dance music types. Whilst venues from the Netherlands are frequently acknowledged to support “hardstyle music” occasions advertising the development of this genre, some contend that this kind of music is an “English” type, significantly less prominent in Dutch and German musical communities.

Hardstyle genre is usually performed within the context of a dance club, both dwell or recorded, usually using a DJ setting up and coordinating tracks. Fans of this type of music have come up with many diverse forms of dance routines that complement its rhythm and type. These dances, for example a “shuffle” system, are a part of the more substantial context regarding this new kind of music that may be generating its personal presence in modern day clubs together with other musical arenas.

Hardstyle Events

Hardstyle Events

Here are descriptions of selected hardstyle events, which bring together a world-class DJs to play Hardstyle. Maybe soon I will hear your music at such events?

hardstyle eventsQlimax – one of the largest events at which music is hardstyle. This is organized by Q-dance event is a real treat for genre fanatics. It is famous for a very modern lighting effects, laser shows and pyrotechnic effects. The first edition of the event took place in 2000 and is held annually to this day.

Qlimax DJs: Lady Dana, The Prophet, DJ Pavo, DJ Zany, Marco V, DJ Luna, Promo, Bas & Ram, Technoboy Gizmo, Alpha, Melanie di Tria, DJ Isaac, Charly Lownoise, Sunny D, Kai Tracid, Max B Grant, Deepack, Daniele Mondello, Pila, Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, The Beholder and Balistic, DJ Vince, Neophyte, DJ Outblast, DJ Ruthless, Showtek, DJ Ghost, DJ Fausto, Mark Sherry, Project One (Headhunterz and Wildstylez), D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Donkey Rollers (Zany, Jowan and MC DV8), Tatanka, Mark Sherry, DJ Zenith, A-Lusion, Davide Sonar, Noisecontrollers, Noize Suppressor.


Sensation Black – event of the Sensation series, where the best DJs of the world playing music, hardstyle, hard trance and hardcore. It unites in one place and time of about 40 000 people. Sensation gigs are used in the latest techniques of image and sound. Characteristic for these events are dozens of lasers, lights, fireworks and the obligatory black dress of the participants.

Sensation Black DJs: Lady Dana, DJ Promo, The Prophet, Luna, Catscan, Showtek, Kai Tracid, Yves Deruyter, Technoboy, Zany.
Mystery Land – “the oldest dance festival” in the Netherlands, as the first such festival existed since its inception in 1993. Mystery Land attracts 60,000 people annually. Among the various types of electronic dance music is played hardstyle.