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Hardstyle FX – 1168 powerful sounds

Hardstyle FX – 1168 powerful sounds

hardstyle sounds


Listen Demo – Hardstyle Fx:


This is a great product for people who do not want to repeat in their works grated samples and also want to maintain a professional nature sounds. Here you can find a variety of sounds and sequences from the mysterious textures and pads, to sharp hardcore loops, some hardstyle kicks, explosion, noise effects, downfilter and upfilter fx, reverse and unusual screaming, darkness sounds, sharp fx, voices. This package also allows create synthetic lines using 72 one shot techno synths and 147 one shot techno sounds. Great for those sampled sequences arranged by changing the length, pitch and decay. They leave the really cool loops. Nothing but run your favorite music or a sampler and doing a power Hard Tracks!

Download Hardstyle Fx Samples Pack

Hardstyle Kicks

Hardstyle Kicks

We present you with free hardstyle kicks to work with for starters.


hardstyle kicks

Listen Hardstyle Kicks demo:

Do you have dreamed of a set of high quality kicks for hardstyle and hardcore? Now you can have 250 new, fresh bassdrums!

Here’s what this collection by the same manufacturer:
We present you the most powerful, heavily distorted and devastating kick samples to be used in hardstyle, hardcore, techno and gabber!!! Bounce Kicks and Distorted Kicks will surely help you to build a ground for many tunes, and filtered kicks will spice them up, add freshness and expression to the sound. Extreme kicks is a total slaughter for the people who don’t respect any limitations. We invite you to listen to the demo.


Content of Hardstyle Kicks:
- 53 Bounce Kicks
- 98 Distorted Kicks
- 22 Extreme Kicks
- 41 Filtered Kicks
- 36 Hard Kicks

Download Hardstyle kicks samples pack