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Tutorials for Hardstyle Producers

5 hardstyle production tips

Here is a quick tutorial of tutorials for hardstyle music making. To put it simple: You need 5 things to begin.

Hardstyle music melodies

When it comes to melody, it comes to digits. It is not that hards. You have to learn two or three basic scales and you are ready to go. The easy way is to ask some music dictionary on the web.

The scale is nothing more than series of sounds one after another which are used in the song. The most simple one is C, D, E, F, G, A, H, C. If, for example, you exchange the A sound for b sound, you will get a different scale. And harmony is a way of building a malody that consists of some (or all) of these sounds. Harmony is a culture, it tells the song’s mood or energy.

Hardstyle music synth sounds

Synth sounds are, plainly spoken, these sounds you can not get an instrument to emit. You can produce synth sound by distorting and adding effects on actual sounds or generate your own using for example a MIDI controlles. It is always a good idea to work with existing material in the beginnign. Here you can find a decent selection of hardstyle samples:

Get some hardstyle samples now!

Hardstyle music mixdown

Basically the mixdown is a way of producing music. When you mix the tune, you try to get all the tracks of your song work together nice.

In most cases you start with adjusting the drum and bass lines. After that you set the volume of melodies and apply the effects on nearly everything. It is the most important part. Good mix can help a decent tune and bad mix can ruin even the greatest one.

Learn your plugins

Yes, this means you! How many times did you wander what does this do? Go ahead, try it and write down the effect. Make your own manual if you do not want to remember all the functions. This way you will work faster and more effectively.

Get the best hardstyle samples!

You should use provided samples. I have already told you where to get the best hardcore samples from. I work with this shop for a long time and my music gets better and better. Of course now I also use my own recorded sound, but I still remember buying my first package of Hardstyle Kicks!

And bonus, the last tip: be original. Try to think of your own style!

Your first hardstyle loop – basic use of step sequencer

Your first hardstyle loop – basic use of step sequencer

Fruity Loops tutorial: hardstyle loop

In order to create your first hardstyle loop download tutorial samples and the finished project – samples for tutorial (zip)

Open your FL Studio

Step #1. Drag to the “pattern 1” files: “hardstyle kick 1.wav”, “hardstyle hihat 1.wav “Hardstyle snare 1.wav” and “Hardstyle kick 9.wav”

hardstyle loop step 1

Step #2. Check the boxes on the step sequencer, as the image

hardstyle loop Step 2

How you’re done, press the “play” or a space on the keyboard to play the piece done. Cool? That’s not all.

Step #3. Go to the “pattern 2”. You’ll see empty step sequencer. Now you can arrange a different sequence on the same samples or add new samples. (tip: You can copy the “pattern 1” to “pattern 2”, would be faster and to change only some elements)

hardstyle loop Step 3

Step #4. Select all the squares on step sequencer on the sample: “Hardstyle_snare_1.wav”. Then right click on it and select “piano roll”, like in the screen:

hardstyle loop Step 4

Step #5. Now you’re in the piano roll. Go to “note proporties” window and set the value of velocity (dynamics / volume) as the image:

hardstyle loop Step 5

Step #6. Right click in an empty space on piano roll, like the screenshot, and select “note paning”

hardstyle loop Step 6

Step #7. Set the value “note paning” (left / right channels) as the screenshot:

hardstyle loop Step 7

Step #8. Go to the “piano roll” sample “Hardstyle_kick_9.wav”, set the sequence, the velocity and note paning like the screenshot:

Set sequence and velocity:

hardstyle loop Step 8-1

Set paning:

hardstyle loop Step 8-2

Step #9. Go to “step sequencer” and set the kick and hihat as in “pattern 1”:

hardstyle loop Step 9

Now turn on your new loop! Cool? Save the project and continue to enjoy, experiment and explore further options of Fruity Loops!

Run my project, which can be found in the root directory with tutorial files and see if you came out the same way as me?


Feel more tools for hardstyle production:

Hardstyle Begginers Introduction

hardstyle begginers

For Hardstyle Begginers

Quick tips on how to start your journey in music production intended for hardstyle begginers!

1. Download program for music production.

You can choose from several good for hardstyle begginers programs, producers usually choose hardstyle FL Studio / Fruity Loops (see the torrents, etc.)


– Quick, snappy, stable. It’s hard to stay very fast work, work in it is a pleasure.
– Lots of built-in VST instruments and effects: soft synths, Samplers, Delays, reverbs, modulation effects, distortion, dynamic effects, etc. This is good for people who do not have hardware synthesizers, samplers and sound processors. In a word, you have a recording studio and production in the computer.
– Lots of tutorials available on the Internet. You will be able to learn to make music from your home.
– Full midi automation
– Weight of the other advantages, which you’ll learn when you use
2. Install
3. Download samples from our website, you will need to move tutorials
4. Start the first tutorial:

Fl Studio 9 Reference Manual