Logic Pro X: Newest Edition of Apple’s Popular DAW – Overview

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X: Introduction

A few weeks ago, Apple had audiophiles around the entire world scrubbing their eyes to test if the news they just go through was correct. Without a doubt it was: Out of nowhere and with no advertising and marketing or advanced discover, Apple had lastly released the newest edition of its digital audio workstation, Logic Pro X. It’s been many years due to the fact the most recent big launch of Logic (edition 9), and Logic Pro X occurs highly likely by producers everywhere. Acquiring witnessed key releases from all competing DAWs which include Pro Resources eleven, Ableton Live 9, Fruity Loops eleven, and Cubase 7, Logic’s devoted group of followers started to ask some very severe inquiries about what Apple was up to. DAW discussions really are a favourite subject amongst producers and as far more time passed without having any news or notices, it became increasingly difficult to argue that Apple still cared considerably about their entry to the professional audio market. Thankfully, they proved that wasn’t the case and Logic Pro X surely lives as much as the expectation. Apple has carried out some genuinely potent new attributes and also a slick new GUI without getting rid of any with the preceding iteration’s superior functionality.

Logic Pro X: New Stuff and Tweaks


Perhaps among the most significant improvements to Logic Pro X could be the new series of MIDI plug-ins. Those that have utilized earlier iterations of Logic will understand that, until eventually now, setting up a basic Arpeggiator employing the Surroundings was an really long-winded and complex process. Not merely did Apple include things like a gleaming new Arpeggiator, but they’ve gone a step past and launched a brand-new series of MIDI-powered plug-ins that you can insert proper in an Instrumental channel strip (up to eight per strip). The stock MIDI FX include things like plug-ins like a Chord Trigger, a Modulator, plus a interesting new Transposer that quantizes your MIDI notes to your scale of the alternative. For those of us who prefer to dive somewhat deeper into the tech side of points, Apple Logic Pro X also allows the programming of one’s own custom MIDI plug-ins working with JavaScript. These new MIDI FX are very inspiring and open up a whole new globe of inventive choices.

Track Stacks

Track Stacks really are a new notion that make folding and bussing tracks a lot easier than ever in advance of. You will discover two forms of track stacks: Summing and Folder. A folder stack, while you may well count on, groups the incorporated tracks into a folder just like the past version’s Folder Tracks (which nevertheless exist). These are specifically beneficial for comping vocals. Summing Stacks, however, sends the output of all of the grouped tracks to a bus that can play MIDI over the master track and be made use of to set off all instruments within the stack. Naturally, these will probably be especially practical for electronic producers who do a great deal of synth layering. To acquire all the more granular, you are able to even create a stack inside a stack and save them as patches. While the stacks really don’t introduce any new performance that couldn’t be accomplished ahead of, they surely make the workflow of a good deal a lot more intuitive and enjoyable and we’ve been employing them a good deal for all those large synth stacks you frequently hear in dance music.

Flex Pitch

Flex Pitch allows you to non-destructively edit the pitch of audio files inside Logic Pro X for corrective and innovative purposes. It features quite a few editing abilities and is really similar to third-party tools like Melodyne that would previously been applied to achieve these benefits. It is possible to activate it on an audio track in a method just like Flex Time and you also are then presented with a Piano Roll representation in the audio signal which may then be applied to fine-tune the pitch, smooth out notes, adjust the get of personal notes, include a vibrator, or snap them to a specific important or scale. Also integrated can be a nifty new Convert-To-MIDI device, permitting you to retrieve the MIDI (hardstyle MIDI pack)representation of any monophonic audio file. As is generally the case with Audio-To-MIDI tools, it works very best with basic melodies and timbres like piano, but we’ve discovered it to get reasonably correct and useful.

Smart Controls

Apple has introduced its personal proprietary macro assignment method in Logic Pro X referred to as Smart Controls. With these macros you’ll be able to freely designate any quantity of parameters from any instrument or plug-in around the channel strip, as well as assign them for your hardware controller and automate them from the sequencer. Assignments is often manufactured intelligently by the program or personally and every handle is often assigned to multiple parameters. Additionally you possess the capacity to pick from numerous layouts created to look like actual instruments and audio panels. The Smart Controls were very effectively thought-out and are an enjoyment to work with, making it possible for you to reduce clutter and retain essential parameters immediately available at all times.


The new Drummer device is fairly distinctive and never anything you’ll locate in every other DAW to date. Logic Pro X features a virtual drummer which plays along for your track. Although we had our doubts, it will work particularly properly. Apple teamed up with “some with the industry’s ideal session drummers and recording engineers” to create this device plus the results are fairly amazing. Basically, you decide on a Drummer from a list of 15 spanning distinctive genres and every drummer has their own distinctive fashion. The performances are exceptionally sensible and those that need more handle can modify the drum kits themselves by mixing and matching factors. The drum track also can be converted to MIDI for further manipulation. While this might not look overly handy for electronic producers, you could obtain some fairly inspiring outcomes once you pair it with another drum machine like Battery or Maschine.

and More!

On top of that towards the aforementioned, Apple has also included some handy new effects and tools together with a brand new Retro Synth, new Pedalboard stompboxes, a Bass Amp Designer, and many additional. The library has additionally been replaced with 1500 new instrument and impact patches, 800 sampled instruments, 30 urban and electronic drum machines, and 3600 Apple Loops.

Logic Pro X Remote

Apple has introduced a new Logic Remote app for iPad, which allows you to wirelessly pair your Mac as well as your iPad, therefore enabling you to control Logic Pro from anywhere from the room. Although we wonder how useful it genuinely will be to combine a record in your couch, the concept is still pretty neat and we’d absolutely like to see more DAWs build dedicated mobile controllers.

Apple says no to 32bit

Following the release of Logic Pro X, it appears the principle talking point amid producers was Apple’s bold choice to clear away 32-bit assistance totally. There’s no query that 64-bit is the long term and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, provided that Apple launched several hints to developers inside the months prior, noting they would probable be going down this route. Furthermore, this is not the primary time Apple is the first to take away assistance for something that they figured would disappear soon-it was only a number of many years ago they removed CD drives from all their computers, which sparked a equivalent reaction from consumers. Despite the fact that the vast bulk of Audio Units support 64-bit now, the main concern that numerous will run into is that dance music’s favourite go-to synth, Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1, will not be obtainable in 64-bit format for Mac as of yet. Naturally, this is a big consideration and could possibly even be a deal-breaker to get a great deal of dance music producers. The good news is, you’ll find a few workarounds: We were able to acquire Sylenth1 operating using a combination of jBridgeM and Native Instruments’ Maschine program, which may be used to host VSTs. Nonetheless, this solution is incredibly considerably a hack and is not with no its own inherent difficulties. Specifically, writing automation is really tedious with this approach. The very good information is Logic Pro X and Logic Pro 9 can co-exist peacefully over the exact same machine, so there is no true must select in between the two. For what it is really worth, you can find also rumors floating all over from Sylenth1 developer Lennard Digital the synth will see a 64-bit release for OS X later on this year.

The Best Things about Logic Pro X

By adding an Automobile Conserve is probably our favorite new characteristic. This straightforward but strong addition is certainly important and something which has become extended were not impressed with by Logic users. Any one who’s been employing Logic for a long time could have numerous irritating stories about dropping hrs of do the job, but thankfully this is certainly now a issue of your previous. We’re also substantial fans in the MIDI FX, which open up a plethora of new artistic options and significantly increase workflow when composing. The track stacks can also be incredible and any electronic producer who does quite a bit of synth layering will locate these immensely pace up their workflow, also to assisting hold your arrangement organized. The ability to render straight to SoundCloud can be a neat addition to Logic Pro X.


The look and come to feel has just about been redone from the ground up and it does appear somewhat like diving right into a new application altogether, even for seasoned Logic veterans. Following a equivalent course to Last Minimize Professional X, the new GUI is obviously inspired by their entry-level music-production software package, GarageBand. This shouldn’t come as being a shock to most customers and we can only presume this is an energy to produce Logic Pro X less intimidating to first-time users. The darker GUI redesign is certainly a lot prettier and it really should be noted that although it could seem to be like it has been a little dumbed-down, no innovative functionality has in fact been removed. There exists now an Sophisticated Settings option within the preferences which power consumers will would like to toggle on for accessibility to all of the deep performance that could not appear obvious instantly. You’ll observe the Transport now lives in the top rated of your application as well as the principal menus certainly are a bit much more logical (no pun meant) to utilize. A number of the proprietary plug-ins have also acquired a facelift, but many nonetheless maintain the retro look and really feel that we’ve come to adore so much, which produces an intriguing contrast between the contemporary really feel in the application itself and also the plug-ins. The seem and come to feel of the Mixer borrows heavily from Pro Equipment, which can be not something that we’re also upset about, given that Pro Equipment has among the most intuitive mixer interfaces to date, in our opinion.

Sorry, but nobody is perfect

The removal of 32-bit support can definitely be viewed as a considerable nuisance for Sylenth1 consumers. Moreover, we would have liked to determine extra time dedicated to improving a few of the core features from Logic Professional 9, exclusively with regards to Automation and Flex Time. Logic’s elastic audio workflow and functionality is still incredibly unintuitive compared to that of Ableton Live’s. Moreover, the automation continues to be not sample-precise with regards to timing and snapping, and the resolution is just not 100% precise. The automation workflow continues to be slightly slow than other DAWs as well, but unquestionably still extremely usable.

Logic Pro X: Summary

On the whole, Logic Pro X can be a large phase forward for Apple. They’ve addressed several of the core performance difficulties in Logic and dramatically enhanced issues beneath the hood, also to adding a whole set of amazing new attributes. All all-around we identified Logic Pro X to get conducive to a a lot more creative and intuitive producing practical experience. It’s pretty clear that, unlike competing DAWs like Ableton Live and Fruity Loops, Logic Pro X is built as a lot for classical musicians and guitar gamers as it is for electronic producers. Although there is absolutely no upgrade cost, Logic Pro X is available to the App Retail outlet for only $199, that’s what the common improve cost for any DAW would go for. In our viewpoint, it is well worth each and every penny.

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