HeadHunterz on the top of DJ Mag’s TOP100!

Hardstyle legendz, Headhunterz, are the name to be remembered and respected. They possess not only experience but also this unnamed feature which helps to take over the dancefloor and take whole crowds with them.

They have just arrived on the 1st place of DJ Mag’s TOP100 DJ’s list. I personally agree with 100% with their rank. It was a great day for hardstyle music. They are high and they are hard. And certainly they take no prisoners. You can read more about Headhunterz here.

How to make hardstyle music?

If you ever wanted to try there is no such thing as “I’m too old” or something like that. Go on, grab a demo version of any DAW and start playing around.

Here is an article with nice overview of several DAW platforms. And here you can find some free hardstyle samples for your first project. Not everybody get famous after creating the first tune. Sometimes your first one will be great and the second one will remain unnoticed. But don’t worry, keep up with your hard work and eventually you will succeed. There are many seasoned artists out there who started as bedroom producers and now they travel and perform around the world!